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Friday, October 09, 2009

Star Wars fighter battles.

Models from Studio Bergstrom and Star Wars Starship Battles miniatures from Wizards of the Coast, a mat from Hotz Artworks and my own modification of the Bag the Jedi rules featured in the 2008 Summer Special from Toofatlardies.

Bergstrom's "Spilt Wing Fighter". As I see things the pins that make up the laser cannons are too long as supplied so I pull them out of the model, cut them down a bit and then glue them back in.

I'm using Y-Wing Fighters from Star Wars Starship Battles range - available reasonably cheaply on Ebay.

To my mind the Bergstrom Y-Wing equivalents, wedge bombers (top right) are just too small compared to the X-Wings. And the Y-Wings are the only Star Wars Starship Battles models that aren't hopelessley warped.

Tie Fighters

Tie Bombers

Tie Interceptors

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