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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jasta 15 decals from Dom's decals

Just back from my holidays and I've got my hands on some of the Jasta 15 decals from Dom's Decals.

The decals are specifically designed for modifying the Wings of War prepainted Schafer model (WW08b) and the sheet contains all the decals you need to put eight individually marked Fokker DVIIs in the air. The instruction sheet is first class, even covering the different colours individual pilots had on their wheels and struts.

(Left to Right) Veltjens, Klein and von Beaulieu-Marconnay.

Dom's even provided snake decals for Schafer, which look much better than what's on the Wings of War original, and this means you can use your own shade of blue for repainting the WoW models rather than having to mix paints to mach the colour already on them.

There's actually markings for ten planes on the sheet, including that of Berthold, commander of JG.2, who flew a plane in his old Jasta's colours. But to do all ten planes properly you need to get your hands on some decals of German crosses in the appropriate style. These are also available from Dom (sheet no 144-GE-4)

I've only got six of the Wings of War prepainted Fokker DVIIs at the moment and, as you can see in the pictures, I've chopped off the pegs on the bottom of the planes and replaced them with some of the rare earth magnets which are also available from Dom.

This allows me to use the planes with both modified Wings of War bases and with some of the rather nice hex based flight stands available from Litko which I intend to use to play the hex-based "Algernon Pulls it Off" rules from Too Fat Lardies.

The background to the pictures is one of the European Field mats available from Hotz Mats. I bought a double sided mat, plain on one side and with 2"hexes on the other which will give me flexibity in the games I can play on it.

(Left to Right) Hantlemann, von Zeisgar & Klaudat

I'll be getting a few more Fokkers to round of my Jasta 15 soon.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that you painted the wing edges what looks like a khaki. What color did you use? I just ordered Dom's Decals and am looking at doing what you did.


dmchodge said...

The colour I used was Humbrol Acrylic no 26 Matt Khaki.

On one of them See post here I continued the lozenge pattern over the leading edge on top of the Khaki. But it doesn't look that much better and I didn't bother with the rest.