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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Albatros Jasta

Looking to get a coherent Jasta look for my six Albatros I spent a load of time looking round the Interwebs to find a historical Jasta for which I could find six planes that would be easy to paint based on the Wings of War prepainted Albatros DVa of Ernst Udet. I was unsuccesful so I decided to make up a colour scheme that was fictitious - but at least historically plausible.

Well here it is - lozenge pattern wings, black fuselage with personal insignia on the side and individually coloured tails. The Jasta leader, a bit of a show off if you ask me, has purple coloured wing top-surfaces and a white chevron on the front of his fuselage. The personal insignia were hand painted (white tail) taken from the Dom's Decals Jasta 19 sheet (green, purple, yellow) taken from a sheet of model railway letters (blue) or from the Warhammer 40K Space Marine decals sheet (red).

Again I've replaced the pegs on these aircraft with rare earth magnets so that I can easily use them on different types of flying stand.

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