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Monday, March 10, 2008

Converting Wings of War Prepaints. (3) Albatros DVa

For my Albatros flight I decied to use Wings of War Ernst Udet prepaints as a base. Well they've got the lozenge pattern on the wings, which I like a lot, and the other Albatros with lozenges available, Ludvig Weber, has got a dirty great big number 1 on top of the wing. I didn't want a whole flight with that numbered 1 (though I suppose it could be 1 for the first flight) , so Udet it was.

I looked around the Internet to see if I could find details of any planes from the same Jasta that had similar colour schemes (I was full of optimism after my success with the DrIs) but I found nothing. Time to start making things up.

Looking at pics online it looked like some squadrons had aircraft with similarly painted fuselages but tails painted with either different colours or the same colours in different styles. So that's what I did and the results can be seen above. Each plane also has a different symbol on the side of the fuselage.
The original Wings of War painted model for Ernst Udet.

Repainted tail and two stripes on the fuselage. This model is based on the image I found here.

Repainted tail and a rather gothic looking number 3 transfer from a Citadel Miniatures Space Marine decal sheet.

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