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Thursday, December 07, 2006

New US Paras from Battlefront: A Brief Review

Seriously folks, these things are badly deformed. They've got their arms just about fully extended to wave the rest of the platoon forward. And their hands are only just making it above the top of their helmets.

This picture comes from Battlefront Miniature's website here, though I added the commentary. It shows two figures from their US Paratroopers Parachute Rifle Platoon. Their website also has pictures of the accompanying machine gun platoon and mortar platoon. All of these figures are proportioned similarly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

Just thought you might like to see this picture:

It was taken by Bullyboy on this topic in the FoW Forum:

aka DwarfMan

dmchodge said...

Thanks for that. I wonder if anyone from Battlefront is going to comment on that thread.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...try this pic URL:

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Take a look at the size of the arms on some of these minis:

I found the comment at the top of the post quite ammusing!