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Friday, November 17, 2006

Big headed US paras from Battlefront

The trend towards big headed "heroic" 15s continues at Battlefront Miniatures

One of the pictures in the preview of their D Minus 1 supplement that has recently been posted on their website quite clearly shows the changes that are going on with the style of their infantry figures. Take a look at the picture second from bottom here link (Direct link to picture)

Look at the Germans who are runing away from the new US paras. Compare and contrast the size of the heads, equipment and their body proportions. The new paras are quite different - to my mind incompatable.

But don't go pointing this out on their forums or you could find yourself being personally attacked by moderators before having your posts deleted. That's what happened to me.

How long can it be until Battlefront feel the need to remodel all their older ranges in this new "heroic" style. No doubt telling us that they're doing it to bring them up to the standard of their latest figures.

That's the logical conclusion to the road they're travelling and would fit right in with a marketing model that looks like it was borrowed from the Evil Empire.

Would they dare to do the same thing with their vehicles?

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