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Friday, September 15, 2006

More Wee Samurai

More of the Bacchus 6mm samurai from the talented Jim Louttit. Some more infantry, generals and cavalry.

I've got this lot sitting in my study at home so I hope to be taking some better pics over the weekend. In the meantime feast your eyes on these.

General in Maku. Click on the thumnail to look at a larger pic and you'll be able to see the faces on the severed heads on the viewing platform at the back. Awesome work from Jim.

Generals with their retinues. These are based on 2" squares rather than the 3" squares used for everyone else.

A cavalry stand.

Jim's whole army deployed for battle.


Dale said...

Great looking troops. How are those rules coming along? Can they be downloaded anywhere?

Derek said...

Jim says he's working on them. He'll probably make them available at some point.

Curtain Cleaning Marysville said...

Appreciate you blogging this