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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Desert War 6: Carrier Platoon

The wife's been away for the weekend so I've had the chance to do some painting in between looking after the children. Much of my time was taken up painting Warhammer 40K stuff for my son who had a game organised today, but I also finally managed to put the crews in eight universal carriers and base them up. The Carrier Platoon of my 8th Army infantry battalion is now complete.

Four carriers with three crew in each. The crew are a mixture of Peter Pig Range 8 British drivers and 28 British seated and the figures Battlefront provide with their universal carriers. The carriers themselves are from the Skytrex Command Decision range. I'm going to get some of the Battlefront special order Bren AA machine guns to mount on these carriers.

The platoon dismounted for action. Peter Pig 8th Army Brens and Command figures.

All that I need to do to finish the Battalion is paint up a couple of 2pdr Portees and some carriers for the mortar platoon.

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