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Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Weekend and Another Show

I had a very good day out with my son yesterday at Conflict Scotland, a Games Workshop competion in Glasgow.

Neither Duncan nor I play competition games but there were enough participation games and hobby activities (scenery making, diorama making and speed painting) to keep two nine year olds entertained for seven and a half hours. And they still didn't want to leave at the end.

Some spectacular games. Thirteen giants on a table anyone? Or around five hundred Space Marines in two linked games? And there was some amazing scenery on show.

I didn't play anything (historical stuff is more to my taste these days), but I did join in one of their scenery making sessions, getting a couple of sprues of their new Cityscape stuff for my efforts. I made these up into something my son will be able to use for 40K, LoTR, Warhammer Fantasy or even Mordheim.

Scenery making

Speed Painting

Dioramas under construction

My freebies from the scenery workshop

GW certainly know how to treat their young customers and give them a good time, but the prices they charge for some things still bring me out in palpitations.

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