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Friday, November 24, 2006

Fanboys Only at Battlefront Forums?

Seems the people at Battlefront Miniatures can't take a bit of criticism. In a recent thread on their General Discussion Forum entitiled "Evans 600pt US Paras" I posted "Big heads, but not as bad as the Brits", a comment which was deleted within eight hours. That's the third time I've had postings deleted without a word of explanation from anyone at Battlefront.

It will be intersting to find out if this is a general policy or a personal honour. In the same thread someone else has posted "Beautifully finished minis, but the huge heads have me unïmpressed. Please BF, go back to more human size heads! The paras look like dolls compared to the panzergrenadiers on the same page." Fight the good fight brother.

But the fanboys know how to behave and some of them are talking about selling off their old style figures and replacing them with the new ones.

Welcome to the world of marketing everyone.


Anonymous said...

[Comment deleted without explanation]

Anonymous Allen

Derek said...

Very funny Mr Curtis (I assume this was you) and I certainly didn't delete anything. with or without explanation.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL you have to admit Derek, that was funny.

I've been a rabble-rouser over at BF for a couple of years. The company doesn't bother me as much as the fanboys, but they will get me going. To my knowledge, I have never had a post deleted... And once one was moved, but an explanation was PM'd to me.

Sounds like it might be a personal honor :-)


Derek said...

I laughed.

Brian Smaller said...

Mate, I get my posts deleted within minutes of them being posted. Guess it was a result of me telling Dion to get fucked. I put up an advert there recently advertising the new fow_independent_moderated yahoo group and it was deleted in less than a day, although other posts advertising other independent fow groups were left.

Pleenty of people here in NZ who know the major players at BF since they were mostly pimply-faced youngsters have already said as much about the fanboy situation.