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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Olmec-Head Derision Society

Another week and more big headed miniatures from Battlefront Miniatures. Some people on TMP think they're taking their inspiration from giant monuments made by the Olmec civilisation of Mexico while others are blaming the Simpsons

German 88mm gun team. Most are under 4 helmetted heads high. I've been told that these are conversions and that their heads have been swapped. Well you'd think he could have found some 15mm ones rather than the 20mm ones he seems to have used there.

British infantry. About four helmetted heads high. I'm not sure how old these figures are, but it looks like they've got bigger heads than the old style British Engineers I have in my collection.

Here's one of those old style Engineers. About four and three quarter helmetted heads high.

This real life British infantryman is between six and a half and seven helmetted heads high.

More fun with Photoshop


Anonymous said...

Just as a note to those who might be interested...

Here is the kinda-notso-official Olmec Head Derision Society:


aka DwarfMan

Anonymous said...

Hmm..Try this link instead: